I. Party and Government Administration (16)

1.Office of the Party Committee, Office of the President, Office of Foreign Affairs

2.Organization Department of the Party Committee, United Front Work Department of the Party Committee

3.Propaganda?Department?of the Party Committee (News Center)

4.Propaganda?Department?(Personnel Development and Promotion Center, Department of Teacher’s Work )

5.Teaching?Affairs?Department (Assessment Construction Office, Teaching Development Center)

6.Science and Technology?Department (Discipline Construction Office, Department of Academic Journal Editing)

7.Students’ Affairs Office (Students’ Affairs Department)


9.General Affairs Office

10.Campus Construction Department

11.Finance and Accounting Office (Assets Management Office)

12.Department of Lab and Equipment Management (Purchasing Center)

13.Security?Department (Department of People’s Armed Forces)

14.Social Cooperation Office (Alumni Office, Industry-University Cooperation Office)

15.International Exchanges and Cooperation Department (Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan Affairs Office )

16.Office of Discipline Inspection and Supervision (Auditing Office)

II. Teaching Institutions (13)

1.College of Water Resources and Environmental Engineering

2.College of Civil Engineering and Architecture

3.College of Geomatics and Municipal Engineering

4.College of Mechanical and Automotive Engineering

5.School of Electrical Engineering

6.College of Economics and Management

7.College of Information Engineering and Art Design

8.College of International Education

9.College of Marxism

10.Department of Basic Education

11.Department of Physical Education and Military Education

12.College of Future Education (College of Zhejiang River Chief)

13.College of Entrepreneurship (Training Center of Engineering Experiments)

III. Teaching Assistance Institutions (4)


2.Modern Education Technology Center

3Higher Education Research Office

4.Logistic?Affairs Center

IV. Party-Mass Organizations (2)

1.Labor Union (Leaving and Retirement Office)

2.Youth League Committee

V. Scientific Research Organizations (2)

1.Zhejiang Institute of Water Resources and Ocean Engineering

2.Zhejiang Institute of Water Culture


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