Holding the principle as resource sharing, mutual benefits, close combination, equality & win-win, co-development, the university successively built strategic cooperation with 8 local peoples governments, such as the government of Lishui and Songyang County and several industrial departments and units, to fully display special advantages of the university and develop local services, including five-water treatment, hundreds of billions for hundreds of projects, and “eliminating V-type inferior water, among other engineering and the on-spot instruction service, thousands of professionals for ten thousands of projects, which won the high appraise of the local governments.     

           The university builds a close connection to industrial enterprises and continues to deepen the industry-teaching integration and push forward applied undergraduate construction and personnel training by introducing enterprises to teaching. For current, the university builds long-term and stable cooperation with 300 enterprises, which means that each major cooperates with more than 8 enterprises on average. The university implemented the Measures for Constructing and Managing Off-campus Practical Teaching Bases and the Interim Measures for Identifying and Managing Compact Off-campus Practical Teaching Bases to regulate base management. Led by eight commons, the university constructed and identified compact bases, investing RMB 5000-10000 special construction funds to each compact base. As to date, 39 compact bases were identified; the first batch of identified bases consisting of 15 bases completed construction and passed acceptance checks. The university and industrial organizations or enterprises, including Chinasoft International jointly constructed 11 enterprise (industry) colleges targeting the in-depth cooperation on personnel training, to realize the full coverage over undergraduate majors.   


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