The university is based on water resources, targets water resources, and serves water resources. 6 provincial first-class disciplines are made available under the discipline system centered on engineering and featured with water resources and hydropower and subject to the harmonious development of disciplines like civil engineering, machinery, electricity, and management. The university has started postgraduate education. Playing the advantages of water resources scientific research, the university continues to deepen the demand contact with local governments and industrial enterprises. In the recent 5 years, the university has obtained the approval of 12 national projects and 99 provincial and ministry projects and won 1 second-prize for Da Yu Award for Water Conservancy Science and Technology that the Ministry of Water Resources granted, 1 third-prize for Zhejiang science and technology awards, 14 prizes for Zhejiang water resources science and technology innovation, and 2 prizes for Zhejiang outstanding social science research results. The university published 80 SCI papers and 36 papers on domestic first-level journals. The university earned 156 authorized patents for invention. The university has undertaken 480 reserve service projects of all kinds and at all levels, covering more than RMB 100 million contract amount.


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