The university runs around the construction of applied undergraduate demonstrative universities and consistently holds the following personnel training idea: integrating theories and practices & education through practices. Introducing the SWH-CDIO-E engineering education mode and putting a focus on training both soft and hard skills, the school formed a new mechanism for applied personnel training featured with industrial integration, combination, and pattern transformation under the leading of new engineering construction ideas. Centered on teaching, the university possesses 6 first-class (Class B) disciplines of Zhejiang Province, 6 provincial advantageous major, 6 provincial featured majors and founded a academic system centered on engineering and characterized by water resources and hydropower and subject to the harmonious development of disciplines, such as civil engineering, machinery, electricity, and management. The university, as the first accomplishing unit, once won 1 second-prize for national teaching achievements, 5 first-prizes for provincial teaching achievements, and 9 second-prizes for provincial teaching achievement.

        The university pays attention to students capability of practical application, resulting in fruitful quality education achievements and remarkable academic competition results. The university encourages and supports students to actively take part in after-school activities related to academic science and technology and sports competitions. In recent years, students stood out from peer institutions on discipline and sports competitions and won a considerable number of national and provincial awards. The university is known as a Zhejiang outstanding unit of regular higher education institution graduates employment. Graduates of the university are equipped with sound comprehensive quality and employers generally reported that graduates of the university are down-to-earth, long-term staying, well-done, and full of potential. in the recent 5 years, graduates one-time employment rate has stabilized above 95%.


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