University Signed Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement with Nanxun District of Huzhou

Announcer:Pei XinpingRelease time:2019-08-22Views:10

On 21st August, the university signed Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement with Nanxun District of Huzhou, to clarify the further cooperation fields of industry, technology and talents training.

University leaders Shi Yongan and Hua Ertian, Nanxun District leaders Xia Jianding and Yang Weidong attended the signing ceremony. Hua Ertian and Yang Weidong signed the Agreement on behalf of both parties.

University always keeps a good relationship with Nanxun District. Based on the principle of mutual benefit and common development, the two sides reached consensus on common concerns, and signed the Agreement. The university will support the economic and social development of Nanxun District, and the adjustment and upgrading of local industry; Nanxun Distric will fully support the construction of high-level university in space expansion and investment of fund.


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