President Hua Ertian Visited Ningxia University

Announcer:Zhang ChanggengRelease time:2019-08-09Views:10

         In early August, during the occasion of the 2019 Working Meeting of the Ministry of Education's Mechanical Basic Courses in Yin Chuan City, President Hua Ertian visited Ningxia University for investigation.

         He Jianguo warmly welcomed the delegation, and sincerely expressed the willingness of carrying out in-depth cooperation between the two universities. Li Jianshe introduced Ningxia Universitys history, personnel training, discipline construction, and international cooperation.

         President Hua expressed his gratitude for the warm reception. After knowing more detailed information of Ningxia University, he expressed that Ningxia University has a long history, with outstanding achievements in running the university, and has continuously cultivated a large number of talents. He pointed out that the university is moving towards the goal of building a distinctive high-level applied university. We hope to strengthen cooperation with Ningxia University in terms of discipline construction, teaching construction, and postgraduate education, and take full advantage of characteristics of the two universities to achieve a win-win situation.


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