[Qianjiang Forum] Satellite Remote Sensing and Earthquake Prediction (the 135th issue)

Announcer:Release time:2019-06-18Views:11

Report Theme: Satellite Remote Sensing and Earthquake Prediction

Presenter: Guo Guangmeng

Reporting time: 09:00-10:00, June 21, 2019

Place of reporting: Conference Room 405, District A, the Multi-functional Building

Hosted by: College of Geomatics and Municipal Engineering & Science and Technology?Department

Presenter Introduction:

Guo Guangmeng is a doctor and professor majoring in cartography and geographic information systems. Professor Guo bears several titles, such as a leader of Henan provincial key disciplines in human geography, one of the scientific and technological innovation personnel of Henan higher education institutions, the director of the key Henan higher education institution lab for remote sensing-based monitoring over natural disasters, the director of the Henan experimental teaching center of environmental resources and geographic information, and an academic and technical leader under the Henan Bureau of Education. Professor Guo mainly researches the remote sensing of disasters. Professor Guo presided 3 projects backed by the National Natural Science Fund and took part in 2 projects backed by the National Natural Science Fund; published more than 40 papers, including 12 SCI papers. Professor Guo started researching earthquake at the end of 2007. Through all-around data analysis and continuous recording, Professor Guo predicted the occurrence of earthquake several times, providing a better scientific basis for pre-disaster prevention and control measures. 


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